Park View Water & Sanitary District

12-A Grove Road

Eldridge, IA 52748


M-F 7am-3pm


After hours emergencies only - please call 563-499-1411. Please note starting services or making payments does not constitute an emergency. 

There is a local scam involving individuals claiming to be utility workers and asking to gain access to your home or yard. If someone comes to your door claiming to be from Park View Water & Sanitary District and you are unfamiliar with our employees, please call the office to verify before allowing them to enter your residence. 563-285-7397 


*To be reflected in the August 2023 bill* 


Water: Base $21.68

$4.67/1,000 gallons through 2,000 gallons

$4.16/1,000 gallons above 2,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $29.04

$5.23 /1,000 gallons 


Methods of payment:

1) Online: you can view and pay your bill via ‘Autopay’ at

2) Credit card: call, mail or drop off your payment stub with all information available. We will need all the numbers including the expiration date and the three digit security code. We do not keep your card information on file!  We accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express, credit or debit.

3) Drop Box: you can drop a check, money-order or your payment stub with credit card information in the slot of the drop box on our front door.  DO NOT LEAVE CASH.

4) Money Orders: Write your acct number on the money order, sign it and drop it in our box.                    

5) Office Counter: you are welcome to come in to our office and pay with cash, however we cannot make change. 

6) ACH AutoPay: You can print and complete this form and return it to our office. 

7) If we are not in the office this DOES NOT constitute a reason for not making your payment.  If necessary, save some penalty fees and get a money order.  

To ensure continued services, please make sure your payment is made by the date due. The Notice of Disconnect/Disconnection fees are $75, AND require full payment of the account.   

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call 563 285-7397.  Thank you!



Water: Base $21.15

$4.56/1,000 gallons through 2,000 gallons

$4.06/1,000 gallons above 2,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $28.33

$5.10/1,000 gallons 

Park View Water & Sanitary District has an online billpay option. If you are interested you can sign up by visiting our website: and click on the FrontDesk button. Once you create an account in FrontDesk you can set up a payment type, sign up for autopay (optional), view your bill, select your notification preferences.

Note for new and existing users:

If you don’t feel comfortable setting up your own account but would like to sign up for autopay, reach out to the office at 563-285-7397, to request an autopay form. You can also download the autopay form here.