How do I sign up for water and sewer service?

Please call the office at 563-285-7397 to get services started,  or you can follow this link to create your account and fill out an application. The applications for service will be found under Forms 


What are Park View Water & Sanitary District's office hours?

Park View Water & Sanitary District's office hours are Monday-Friday 7a.m.-3p.m. If you need to make a payment after hours, we have a payment slot/drop box on our door or you can pay your bill online here https://parkviewwsd.frontdeskgworks.com/

Where is the office located?

Our address is 12-A Grove Rd. in Park View. If you are having trouble finding us using your GPS, try using Eldridge, IA as the city for mapping. We are located in the south end of the strip mall that is behind (East) Casey's, in the building with DENTIST on the roof, right next door to Mama's Parlor. 

When is my bill due?

      Bills are always due on the 16th.

When will I receive my bill?

You should receive your bill by the first of the month.

Why is Park View Water & Sanitary District implementing monthly billing?

There are many reasons for the implementation of monthly billing. The two main reasons being that monthly bills are easier for customers to budget and pay, and we can capture any potential leaks quicker. Sometimes customers have leaks that they don't know about. Historically those leaks aren't captured until the end of three months which results in a very large bill and wasted water.

Why have the rates increased?

The IDNR updated the Park View Water & Sanitary District (PVW&SD) Water Operations Permit in 2017 and the Sewer Operation Permits in 2018. Both permits required the PVW&SD to evaluate and improve the water and sewer treatment systems to bring them into compliance with all Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act standards. Compliance required facility improvement and upgrades totaling in excess of $8.2M. This required external funding from the State Revolving Fund which is structured with 20 years of annual repayment obligations.  The PVW&SD rate structure reflects the adjustments needed to ensure adequate revenues to meet these new SRF obligations. 

What payment methods do you accept?

1) Online: you can view and pay your bill at https://parkviewwsd.frontdeskgworks.com/.

2) Credit card: call, mail or drop off your payment stub with all information available.* We will need all the numbers including expiration date and three digit security code. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express, credit or debit. * We do not keep your card information on file!

3) Drop Box: you can drop a check, money-order or your payment stub with credit card information in the slot of the drop box on our front door.  DO NOT LEAVE CASH. You can print a Credit Card Form here.

4) Money Orders: available at the Kwik Shop and Kwik Shop is open 24 hours per day. Write your acct number on the money order, sign it and drop it in our box.       

5) Office Counter: you are welcome to come in to our office and pay with cash, however we cannot make change. If we are not in the office this DOES NOT constitute a reason for not making your payment.  Save yourself penalties and get a money order from Kwik Shop!  


Can I sign up for AutoPay?

You can sign up for autopay by creating an account on FrontDesk. Set up your payment options and make sure you check autopay. Please note: if you use a credit card as your payment option there is a convenience fee. You can also complete this form with your bank account information, attach a voided check, and return it to the office.

Who is responsible for my service line?

The property owner is responsible for the water service line, curb stop, and water shut-off valve if repairs are needed.