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A message from the operations manager:

Every couple of months I get an inquiry regarding a flyer for water and/or sewer line insurance.

Recently I received one myself and, after reviewing it and looking into the details, I decided to go ahead

and sign up for it. Let me explain what I found and why I decided to sign up.

The flyer I received noted that I would have the following coverage:

Water line – Up to $12,500 for water service line repairs; Up to $12,500 for street and sidewalk repairs

Sewer line – Up to $10,000 per occurrence for sewer service line repairs; Up to $10,000 per occurrence

for street and sidewalk repairs. The dual coverages apply independently of each other, allowing a total

of up to $45,000 coverage combined.

The options for coverage/monthly costs were: Water line protection only - $5.49; Sewer line protection

only - $9.00; Both Water & Sewer line protection - $6.24.

My house is ~45 years old. I moved in 15 years ago and checked the sewer (cast iron) and water (copper)

lines right away. Because of their material & age, I didn’t purchase any insurance for them at that time.

Since then, I’ve planted a tree in my front yard and, being 15 years further in age for the materials used,

I thought it might be worth investigating further. So I downloaded a copy of the Terms & Conditions to

read the fine print.

On their website I had to confirm a couple items and then a page of 25 various types of insurance

coverage options, including whole house, interior, exterior, plumbing, electric, appliances, service lines,

etc. were available to review.

I chose the combo water/sewer line and unlimited combo water/sewer line Terms & Conditions options.

I’ve provided those for your review as well, highlighting some areas of interest. For example, the

definition of a service line might be of interest, as their limited coverage does not include the water

main tap. In Davenport, Iowa American Water owns to the curb stop. In Park View, the property owner

owns the whole service line, including the tap. I’ve seen a few service taps go bad in Park View, usually

at the connection to the plastic, though most of the leaks have been at the curbstop/plastic


On the sewer side, most issues people have are cracks in the sewer allowing tree roots in. I have seen

one sewer tap go bad. With AWR, they do not cover sewer taps.

After reviewing all this, and seeing that I can get a combined coverage for <$75/year, I decided it was a

cheap insurance and went ahead and signed up.

Keep in mind, AWR is not the only provider of water/sewer line insurance. Some home insurance

policies might provide it with their coverage. Depending on your service line materials/age, it might be

worth your time to investigate further.

I hope this was helpful. Take care.

AWR Flyer-Front

AWR Flyer-back

AWR Terms & Conditions limited.pdf

AWR Terms and Conditions


*To be reflected in the August bill*


Water: Base $22.11

                 $4.76/1,000 gallons through 2,000 gallons

                 $4.24/1,000 gallons above 2,000 gallons

 Sewer: Base $30.11

                 $5.42 /1,000 gallons


Water: Base $22.11

                 $6.22/1,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $30.11

                 $9.46/1,000 gallons 

 Taxes not included.

Residential Sewer Only: $56.69

Methods of payment:

Online: you can view and pay your bill at

Once you create an account in FrontDesk you can set up a payment type, sign up for autopay (optional), view your bill, and select your notification preferences.  You will need to confirm your mobile phone number to receive text alerts

Credit card: call, mail or drop off your payment stub with all credit card information available. We cannot process your credit card payment with incomplete information. We do not keep your card information on file in the office! If you want your credit card information securely saved you will need to create an online account at 

Drop Box: you can place a check, money-order, or your payment stub with credit card information in the slot of the drop box on our front door.  DO NOT LEAVE CASH.

Office Counter: you are welcome to come in to our office and pay with cash, however we cannot make change.

To ensure continued services, please make sure your payment is made on time. Please see above payment methods to schedule your payment accordingly as the due date does not change even when the due date falls on a weekend or holiday.  If we are not in the office this DOES NOT constitute a reason for not making your payment. 


*To be reflected in the August 2023 bill* 


Water: Base $21.68

$4.67/1,000 gallons through 2,000 gallons

$4.16/1,000 gallons above 2,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $29.04

$5.23 /1,000 gallons 

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Note for new and existing users:

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