The Board of Trustees approved a rate increase to the utility bill rates on February 23, 2022. At the request of many customers, the Board has also voted to implement monthly billing. The following rates, adapted to monthly and approved by the Board, will be implemented as of July 1, 2022.


Water: Base $21.15

$4.56/1,000 gallons through 2,000 gallons

$4.06/1,000 gallons above 2,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $28.33

$5.10 /1,000 gallons

  • Customers will have 16 days after the bill date to make their payment. If that date falls on a weekend, payments will be accepted without penalty if received online, in the mail, or in the office drop box PRIOR to the start of the next business day.

  • Accounts paid after the 16 days past billing date will receive a 10% late fee and will need to have the late fee penalty paid with the payment, prior to the start of the first business day of the next month.

  • Accounts not paid prior to the start of the first business day of the next month will have a Disconnect Notice posted and receive a $25 Disconnect Notice Fee. Accounts that receive a Disconnect Notice will have until the start of the third business day of the month to have all payments and fees (late fees and Disconnect Notice fees), paid in full or they will be disconnected and receive a $50 Disconnect Fee.

  • Reactivation of disconnected services will require complete payment of the account balance, including all fees, prior to reactivation.

  • Disconnected accounts will have two weeks to pay or the system will automatically inactivate the account, requiring a re-application for service to be completed if service is desired, in addition to payment of all applicable account charges and fees.


Methods of payment:

1) Online: you can view and pay your bill via ‘Autopay’ at

2) Credit card: call, mail or drop off your payment stub with all information available. We will need all the numbers including the expiration date and the three digit security code. We do not keep your card information on file! We accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express, credit or debit.

3) Drop Box: you can drop a check, money-order or your payment stub with credit card information in the slot of the drop box on our front door. DO NOT LEAVE CASH.

4) Money Orders: available at the Kwik Shop and Kwik Shop is open 24 hours per day. Write your acct number on the money order, sign it and drop it in our box.

5) Office Counter: you are welcome to come in to our office and pay with cash, however we cannot make change.

6) ACH AutoPay: You can print and complete this form and return it to our office.

7) If we are not in the office this DOES NOT constitute a reason for not making your payment. If necessary, save some penalty fees and get a money order.

To ensure continued services, please make sure your payment is made by the date due. The Notice of Disconnect/Disconnection fees are $75, AND require full payment of the account.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call 563 285-7397. Thank you!

We are excited to announce that the Park View Water & Sanitary District has adopted FrontDesk, a web-based platform that gives our residents access to a variety of tools to interact with us in one convenient place. We have invested in this platform to provide a modern, satisfying, and convenient experience. This is a part of our effort to provide superior customer service and offerings to Park View Water & Sanitary District customers and to strengthen the connection between customers and Park View Water & Sanitary District. Sign up for FrontDesk here: or click on the FrontDesk button above.

FrontDesk offers many exciting features and benefits for all utility customers including:

  • Conveniently pay your utility bills from the comfort and safety of your home. No more writing out a check each quarter to pay your utility bill! No worries about social distancing and possible exposure.

  • Receive bills electronically.

  • Enroll in autopay using ACH or credit card payments so you won’t have to remember to pay your bills each quarter.

  • Get important messages and notifications via email or text. This will replace the CodeRed alert system December 1, 2021. Failure to sign up will prevent you from receiving emergency and general alerts and notifications.

  • 24/7 access to your utility account and usage information including consumption history, tracking multiple accounts, and submitting service requests.

  • Conveniently submit utility service requests from your computer or mobile device.

  • Fill out and submit forms directly online and pay any associated fees online. Our staff will review and process the forms – no more paper required!

  • Easy access to Public Notices and answers to Frequently Asked Questions so you can see important utility-related information in one place.

FrontDesk is mobile-friendly and can be accessed anywhere from any device with an internet connection. Log in to see all your outstanding bills, pay bills online or enroll in autopay for added convenience. You will also have access to important District information including Frequently Asked Questions and the ability to fill out and submit forms online. FrontDesk is your direct line of communication to receive your information, alerts, and notices.


We bill quarterly until July 1, 2022. Starting July 1, 2022 we will start monthly billing.

January - March usage is invoiced the first week of April

April - June usage is invoiced the first week of July

July - September usage is invoiced the first week of October

October - December usage is invoiced the first week of January.

Your payment is due in our office by C.O.B. on the 16th day past the billing date.


The water and sewer rates as of July 1, 2021 for residential are as follows:

Water: Base $61.59 per quarter

$4.43/1,000 gallons through 6,000 gallons

$3.91/1,000 gallons above 6,000 gallons

Sewer: Base $80.00 per quarter

$4.59/1,000 gallons